About us

We're food lovers just like you. We're also the kind of travelers that spend hours researching places to eat before leaving.

We found time and time again that the best source for recommendations are the locals. So we wanted to share everything we found and learned about our favorite cities.

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Our story

As most people, we go through reviews when trying to find a good place to eat. Because we can't really rely on one or two, we found ourselves going through a lot of them to make sure that a restaurant is a good spot.

Last thing we wanted to do when traveling is fall to generic tourist traps.

Because every time we ended up asking locals about recommendations, we started building one more plate so we can surface these great choices for everyone.

How it works

We work with locals to find the best spots for you to enjoy while traveling. We think the old way of reading reviews from strangers should be a thing of the past. We built a list of trusted locals that more than eager to share the great spots of their city.